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About Us

"Express, visualize & broadcast your ideas"

Clstv.net is one of the world's best social media video site which founded by the founders of a non profitable organization called Conscious Lifestyle and The Council of Ngabo. 

We specialize in promoting positive ideas and talents in form visual images, videos and audio.


"He who is seen and heard exists, and he who is not seen and heard doesn't exist".

Our purpose and goal:

We believe that: "the more we produce educational, positive and purposeful media which fulfills the mandate of public service, the more we make our communities a better place for all".

Our goal is to promote media (Videos, images, graphic arts, audios) which plays the role of contributing towards the building of a positive lifestyle and the imparting of a positive consciousness in our global society.

We're committed to delivering an exceptional entertainment and educational experiences in visual and audio format.

Clstv.net is a video and image sharing website, it also features the functionalities of social networking, promoting and advertising that helps the members to expose their work to a wider audience etc.