Sunny & Osasere’s Wedding Album (30th July 2017)
Tensta Centrum Summer Fun! July 2017
Lessons with Dekula
Toto och Jan Erik’s bröllop (2017 Juni 24)
Politiker Veckan 2017
Pastor Harriet Juliet Nalunga's Photos
Rebecka Kindblom School Graduation 2017
Nationaldagsfirandet 2017 i Tensta-Spånga by
Ekitoobero Extravaganza 2017
His Touch FM Radio Pastor Nsubuga Henry SR
African Mamma Music Video
Peprah Cosmetics Store - Model Preparation for The Ekitoobero Extravaganza Event (27.May.2017)
Dekula Band at Lilla Wlien (Little Nairobi)
7 seventh day after passover
Politics meaning of the word politics
Passover Videos
Passover being redeemed from sin
Dekula Band
Dialog om skolan
Valentine’s Day Tensta Centrum
Balancing your goals & managing your life
John 1:1 - In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God.
The Five Answers
The Economical system-Asher-The month of Shevat
Polyamp Conference Meeting, 50 years . (16/01/2017)
Industrial system - January
Military system - december
Evening of returning the favor (Idris Mohamed Ali)
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